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It's time to apply to CANAL TALENT ABROAD. It's the new Africa Summer School : same spirit, but more destinations.

Take your chance and apply to get an internship within CANAL + International.


10 locations : 10 rich cultures

You have access to various destinations, where CANAL+ International is located.

Gabon - Congo - Cameroon - Senegal - Ivory Coast - Benin -  Myanmar - New Caledonia - Island of Reunion - The Caribbean

Sign up #ThreeSteps 

1. Send your CV on the platform

2. Within a short time, you will receive an invitation to make a video (in english or in french) : to present yourself, to share your motivation for Canal Talent Abroad and to explain what you want for "your international +"

3. Last step : after a selection, you will be invited to CANAL+International in Paris, to confirm your motivation and meet HR team and business Managers.


Applications will be close on the 25th of March 2018 ! Don't wait to get your international +


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